Cheap Life Insurance Quote

A cheap life insurance quote is available for an applicant in fairly good health. People who do not smoke will get a policy at a lower rate than a smoker.

There are several rate categories, let us take a look at them and discover where you can find a cheap life insurance quote.

Preferred Plus

These are the people that life insurance companies want most of all. In this category you will find people who are in excellent health, no negative medical history, height and weight are within a good range, there are no hazardous conditions in the workplace, no history of alcohol or drug abuse. You will qualify for a very cheap life insurance quote if you fall in this category. Each life insurance company set their own guidelines. They all, however, have very similar rates in each category.


Similar to preferred plus but probably not so perfect in one or more of these areas.

Regular Plus

Higher rates than any of the above.


Rates here are even higher here.

Each of the above categories are also adjusted if you are a smoker, you pay a higher premium as a smoker. Statistics show that people who smoke are likely to die earlier than those who do not smoke, all other things being equal.

You can also qualify for a rated policy but these rates cannot be thought of as cheap in any way. Your agent will have to get quotes for these as they are not on any quote engine.

To sum up you qualify for preferred plus or preferred rates if you enjoy excellent health and family medical history, very low cholesterol, low risk lifestyle and working conditions, good height and weight and no history of drug or alcohol abuse.

You get a regular plus or regular rate if you are in fairly good health, average cholesterol use, no history of drug or alcohol abuse, a relatively low-risk lifestyle.

If your health and lifestyle fall outside of these areas you are either rated or declined.

Go to a quote engine and see what a cheap life insurance quote looks like, see where you fit.

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